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  • Where can I download the Connecte app?
    The Connect app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and AppStore. Links to both downloads can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Can I transfer a fully installed smart home to a new user?
    Yes, in the Connecte app you can invite a new user into a home, transfer ownership of the home to the new user and leave the home. The new user will then have all the devices and automations fully installed. You do this from Home Management in the Connecte app, which you can find by pressing the "Me" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Can I add smart home devices other than Connecte to the Connecte app?
    Yes, the Connecte app is open to connecting to many other brands than Connecte. We are working to have a totally open platform from which to control the entire smart house. Be aware that some products may be locked by their manufacturers or have their own apps required to control them.
  • How do automations work in the Connecte app?
    Automations have two main ingredients: conditions and actions. A condition can be a time, that a button is pressed, that the sun rises or much, much more. When this condition occurs, the "action" will be executed. An action could be, for example, switching on the light. An automation could therefore be that when the sun goes down (condition), the light goes on (action).
  • What is the "click to execute" function in the Connecte app?"
    Click to execute" is an automation condition that creates a separate smart button. This is a button on the mobile phone that can be used to switch lights, sockets, sound systems etc. on and off. An example of using this is to make a button that switches off all the lights in the house. This is perfect when you go to work to avoid having to switch off each light separately. The "Click to execute" buttons can also be added to the mobile's home screen as a Widget, this way you don't have to go into the Connecte app to press the button.
  • I can't find Smart Sound on my network, what do I do?"
    1. Check that your mobile is connected to the correct WiFi network (must be connected to the same WiFi as the Smart Sound system during installation and when using Google Chromecast). 2. If you have set up a mesh network at home for extended WiFi range, this is not the same network as the modem from your internet provider. Check that Smart Sound is connected to the network you use on the phone, not its modem.
  • How to access full functionality in Google Home such as setting up speaker groups?
    1. To use all the functionality Google Home offers, you must be a member of the home where Smart Sound is installed. 2. You must be connected to the WiFi network the devices are connected to.
  • Can I run internet radio in the Google multiroom solution?
    No, the built-in internet radio function is integrated into each device and therefore does not go through Google Chromecast. If you want an internet radio multi-room function, you must cast from a separate radio app.
  • Can I put my own speakers in the Smart Sound system?
    Yes, if the speakers have an impedance of 8 Ohm, it will be possible to connect to the control unit. Be aware that the amplifier unit supports 4x10W and that the speakers must be sized accordingly.
  • The remote doesn't work, what do I do?"
    1. Check that the batteries are alive 2. Check that the remote control is within range of the control unit. Please note that Bluetooth has a lower range than WiFi.
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